House Rules Auditions 2018 Details

House Rules 2018 is an Australian reality game show. This television series premiered on the Seven Network.The game show is produced by the creators of the Seven reality show My Kitchen Rules and is hosted by Johanna Griggs.

House Rules Auditions 2018

House Rules 2018 Auditions Requirements:

Below are the House Rules season 6 auditions requirements:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • One of you must be the HOMEOWNER

House Rules 2018 Auditions Details:

The auditions for House Rules 2018 have started and last date to apply is on 31 Aug 2017. Follow the below steps to apply for the auditions:

About House Rules:

The format of the show includes six couples from different states of Australia. Now these couples, renovate each other’s homes to receive the highest price for the. The team scoring the highest becomes the winner with their mortgage paid off.

The teams go through different rounds of renovation, where they revamp the entire space and these decrepit homes of the contestants are totally transformed into a beautiful property.

Renovation takes place in different phases.

Phase 1: Interior Renovation

All the teams travel throughout the country to completely renew each other’s home. Each week, a team would hand over their home to their opponent team for a complete interior transformation. The team whose house is being renovated set rules for the opposite team. These rules are known as the ‘House rules’ which ought to be followed to gain high scores from the judges and the homeowner team. At the end, each house is speculated, and the team which has not done a great job is eliminated.

Phase 2: 24 Hour Fix-up

After all the houses are done with interior renovations, all couples go back to their own homes and should start working on one specific zone. They must fix and redo one of the zones in 24 hours.

This time they have to recreate the space to make it a reflection of their lifestyle. They have to do it in a manner which mirrors their style and impresses the judges. For this challenge, the rules for every participating team are same. They are scored by the judges which is added to their previous ranks. Now on the basis of this total score, the lowest ranking team is eliminated.

Phase 3: Gardens & Exteriors

Two teams are eliminated by now and the remaining 4 teams are challenged to transform the exteriors and gardens of each other’s homes. The teams are again allocated homes that do not belong to them. They have the choice to renovate either the front or back yards or transform the entire exterior of the house. They are given two rounds to perform the task entirely. After both rounds are complete, the lowest scoring team is eliminated.

Phase 4: Charity House

Now top three teams are given a charity house to renovate. Rules for this round are similar to the first round. The two highest scoring teams advance to the Grand Final as one team is eliminated.

Grand Final: Final Repairs & Australia’s Vote

The final two teams work on each other’s house. This time they have to revamp one room only. Now, audience also cast their votes for their favorite team. The winner though is decided by a combination of the judge’s score and the public vote. The highest scoring team wins the show, and receives a complete mortgage payment.

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