Travel Guides 2018 Auditions Details

Travel Guides Australia is a television series which premiered on the Nine Network on 14 February 2017. The show is entirely based on travel trips to different regions of the world. The show is set to acquaint the viewers with different travel destinations across the globe.

Travel Guides 2018 Auditions

Concept of Travel Guides:

The theme of the show is focused on travel arena. It follows six groups of natives of Australia who take week-long trips to different domestic and international holiday destinations. Their job is to scrutinize these places based on their experience of the odyssey. Throughout, their journey, they explore the regional food, Local sights, Public transport and hospitality and accommodation of the place. As per their individual perceptions of it, they review the place which acts as a guide for potential travelers.

Travel Guides 2018 Auditions Requirement:

Below are the requirement to apply for Travel Guides:

  • You must be a group of two to four people
  • At least one member of your group must be aged 21 or over
  • You must be able to travel between august and november 2017
  • All applicants must be australian citizens or have been a permanent resident of australia for at least two years

Apply For Travel Guides 2018 Auditions:

Below are the steps to apply:

About Travel Guides:

The idea of the show has been imitated from a UK based show of the same name which was presented by Studio Lambert in 2015.

The first group was of Chrissy, Mon & Cath who are Flight attendants by profession. The second group consisted of Fren Family members who were hunters. The third and fourth group was of – Kevin & Janetta and Matt & Monni who are hippie backpackers. The fifth group was of Rifai family who were business owners and the last were cowgirls- Mel & Stack.

These six groups took trip to seven different locations in all seven episodes. These locations were- Tokyo, Phuket, Queenstown, Oman, Top End, South Pacific Cruise and Gold Coast.

The show was presented in seven episodes each of which was of a duration of 60 minutes. The first season of the show was a great hit and received a lot of accolades and viewership. Based on its popularity among the audience, the producers announced a second renewal of the season in May 2017.

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